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04/15 01:53
Im so glad Dr Pepper is telling Haley what the hell she is doing wrong!! Too funny! She thought she was in the right, Dr. pepper shut her DOWN!! #MAFS
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04/15 01:48
Anytime They Attempt To Hold Haley Accountable Que Up The Violins & Get The Tissue Because She's Going To Start Crying & Go Straight Into Victim Mode; The FT Convo With Her Mom Explains A LOT Though, She Gets It Honest & Her Inner Circle Are Yes People #MAFS
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04/15 01:47
@Cierrathegemini I think Jacob is still trying to make this work. I don’t know #WTF Haley is doing. Jacob is a good dude. She’s just not sexually attracted to him. If she was, half this bullsh*t wouldn’t be going on. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS
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04/15 01:45
Haley Acting Like She Didn't Remember How Much The Bracelet Cost While Reciting Her 1 Sided Lying Ass Story To Her Mom Was Strategic, That Wasn't A Mistake. She Knows Exactly How Much Jacob Said He Spent On That Bracelet But Comparing It To A "Hat" Is No Comparison🙄🙄 #MAFS
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04/15 01:42
Haley's a cold fish, who makes excuses for every selfish thing she does, including disregarding the bracelet Jacob gave her! #MAFS #MarriedatFirstSight
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