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04/03 14:30
RuPaul on #DragRace: Olivia, who should go home?

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04/03 09:19
When they send Olivia and Denali home, but allow this to be in the top 4. What crack are you on, Ru? #DragRace
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04/03 08:36
the moment Olivia started leaning into the baby voice/overly nice thing, she was doomed to go home #dragrace
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04/03 07:01
why am I having this feeling that rpdr will put Olivia and Denali together in a season of All Stars? Lol

#RuPaulsDragRace #DragRace
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04/03 06:39
Anyway. Olivia Lux’s waddling ditz shtick was annoying until the end. #DragRace
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