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03/20 12:02

i don't wanna say it but...

tina didn't deserve to go home last night. #DragRace
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03/20 10:29
Tina Burner having the audacity to claim someone else in the competition isn’t funny despite calling themselves a comedy queen. Lack of self-awareness much? #DragRace
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03/20 09:41
The year is 2027 and we still have 4 queens left of season 13 of #DragRace 😂
What the hell did Kandi have on this week? Simone’s fox outfit was everything & Tina .... I was over her tbh.
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03/20 08:28
i am by no means a tina burner stan,,, but she won that lip sync #DragRace
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03/20 06:55
The judges really had the nerve to come for Tina’s make up, when they made Kandy safe in a green morph suit and this mug 🙃🙃🙃🙃 #DragRace
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