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04/10 09:17
[ #dragrace spoilers 🚨]

Ok I love all the top 4 but I think my heart is now equally split between Symone and Gottmik. Rosé has been great too. And Kandy isn’t my winner but I’m so happy for her getting to the end; she’s had real growth & been under-appreciated by the fandom
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04/10 09:05
Cute #DragRace song and episode. Everyone’s lovable, even Kandy’s rawness. Just like season 9, anyone could win, just not Peppermint (Kandy) — just cos she falls behind in the looks department. But Symone is really queen material. Also I’m attracted to Mik in and out of drag ☺️
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04/10 08:58
Im still thinking about Kandy Muse final look. Like girl, is that the outfit youve been saving for the last runway? I literally cannot #dragrace
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04/10 08:54
Kandy should have never made it to the finale pls. #DragRace #RPDR #RuPaulsDragRace
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04/10 08:03
Category is...... Drag Excellence

and then there’s Kandy #DragRace
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