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05/11 23:51
kameron is so jealous that tiffany is the star of the show and she’s not and she’s HEATED about it 💀 #RHOD
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05/11 23:27
Overall, this season of #RHOD was a solid 6/10. Definitely lighter in a good way, but lacked a key storyline and feud to drive the show forward and had too many filler episodes. Tiffany, Kary, and D’Andra carried, but a shakeup is needed!
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05/11 23:26
Tiffany playing victim all season is a bunch of BS #RHOD
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05/11 23:18
Tiffany’s a bitch idc #RHOD
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05/11 23:14
So Tiffany was the best dressed, the most educated, probably the richest, and the most articulate of the season and they couldn’t stand it. Did she do a few cringe things?yes, but nothing unforgivable. We know why she’s sitting next to Andy. . #RHOD
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