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02/28 20:46
If Ralph could put secret cameras up, he has your location. #RHOA
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02/28 20:38
I definitely have told Ralph ENOUGH about the bachelorette party. I gave details and he can even re-watch it on national tv or @bravotvapp. #rhoa
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02/28 20:26
Men at the strip club is ok, but when women do the same thing, it's a HUGE problem. Ralph sit yo' ass down #RHOA
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02/28 20:26
You not finna give me the tenth degree but as soon as I ask you where YOU were you wanna deflect.

I wouldn't have told Ralph shit.

Let him find out by watching episodes of RHOA with the rest of America.

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02/28 20:26
Nah Ralph you deflecting.. #RHOA
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