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05/03 00:19
It just dawned on me that Andy didn’t know Latoya had three kids... so y’all just hire people to be on the show without knowing important information like this? #RHOA #RHOAReunion
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05/03 00:03
LaToya has 3 kids... 6, 4, and 1!? More about that please! I bet they’re adorable and I’d love to see her mom side #RHOA
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05/02 23:56
Drew looked a hot mess all season... her fashion is still not up to housewives standards. LaToya looked amazing all season... she tried to help drew out and she needed to take that advice to heart but she didn’t #RHOA
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05/02 23:05
okay pls don’t come for me but if i had to pick between Drew and Latoya… i would pick latoya every. damn. time. #rhoa
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05/02 21:07
It's so ironic that the fans switched up on drew the last few epiosode and started to stan latoya #rhoa
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