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02/28 21:26
And Drew can't tell her husband she stopped by her friend's house for a drink on the way home? This relationship is traaaaaaaaaaaash! #RHOA
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02/28 21:23
Drew is so pretty always has been and always will be 😍 #RHOA
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02/28 21:19
#Drew can't even stop by a friend's house around the corner; it's day time, it ain't even late. Girl, blink twice if you need help. #RHOA
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02/28 21:13
Drew reminds me a lot of Phaedra in how she used to shade women for not being married/in a relationship all while married to the biggest con man in all of Georgia. Hoping she sees the light soon, but I won't hold my breath. #RHOA
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02/28 21:12
Drew is an example why some of you impatient people need to stop writing off housewives so early. She grew so much on everyone. #RHOA
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