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04/12 01:34
Yara is the MVP of this Tell All. Speaking with conviction, love it 👍#90DayFianceTellAll #90dayfiance
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04/12 00:35
So Jovi didn’t think he should prepare Yara for the clip with him and the stripper. #90DayFiance
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04/12 00:34
So shitty of Rebecca to be laughing at Yara's heartbreak of the video...
#90DayFianceTellAll #90DayFiance
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04/12 00:33
Poor Yara having to watch Jovi go off with a stripper at his bachelor party. She had no clue. #90DayFiance #90DayFianceTellAll
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04/12 00:26
There is a reason this is a Yara stan account. Her spiel about plastic surgery and doing what makes you happy was great. It's 2021 folks. #90DaysFianceTellAll #90DayFiance
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