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04/04 22:17
WTF? Black residents had to travel two hours to get to the nearest Publix to get the COVID vaccine! The contract is lucrative for Publix. Shame @GovRonDeSantis #60Minutes
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04/04 20:50
@FloridaGOP @60Minutes What happened to integrity and truth in governing? No matter how you try to spin it, the vaccine rollout has been dishonest and misleading.

#60Minutes profiles #DeathSantis
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04/04 20:10
Tonight #60Minutes helped expose #CorruptDeSantis for his pay-to-play vaccine distribution plan. We will hold the governor accountable for his actions.
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04/04 19:52
This asshole played duck, duck goose with the vaccine, after he played hide and don’t go seek with the facts for the whole pandemic.

Ron #DeathSantis is worse than a thousand swamp monsters.

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04/04 19:32
#60Minutes @RonDeSantisFL
I have a home in one of those gated communities that had a pop up vaccine clinic. There isn’t a resident here who lacks the resources & transportation to travel to get a vaccine. No flip phones here. Got mine at a VA hospital 90 miles away. SHAMEFUL
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