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03/17 15:13
I can't wait for everyone to find out Sinn is engaged.

The jealousy about to be very real 😂😂😂

I hope we get lots of bonding scenes between Finn, Thomas and Ridge. Steffys needs an impenetrable support system

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03/17 14:40
Did Finn suggest James because maybe that's his father's name? 🤔🤔 Hmmmm Dr. James Warwick.....could it be? Remember yall! I said either him or Whip! Just in case this ends up being the case lol. #BoldandBeautiful
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03/17 14:24
@ManalS116 The way I‘m ready to see Finn with Kelly! This will be the first time onscreen! We already know he adores her! #BoldandBeautiful
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03/17 14:20
Brooke, the hypocrite was so transparent in her response to Thomas. She was actually unhappy that he'd told Hope Finn was the baby daddy because it proved Ridge was right and Thomas has changed. Why does Bell insist on Ridge being saddled with her bitch ass?
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03/17 14:02
@BandB_CBS Thank goodness she’s not as easy as Finn. #BoldandBeautiful
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