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08/19 21:42
If I was a guest at that baby shower and got kicked out because they wanted to talk shit - I would’ve raised HELL! #RHOBH
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08/19 21:41
How rude to make your real friends so uncomfortable at your baby shower that they want to leave....and you don’t try to stop them! #RHOBH
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08/19 21:40
So, you kick your friends out of your own baby shower just so you can gossip? #RHOBH
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08/19 21:39
Kick your friends out to gossip..Yea great baby shower Teddi #RHOBH
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08/19 21:39
So, is this a conversation to have at a baby shower with people that weren’t in Rome there? Then you kick the other friends out? Hope they got cake? #RHOBH
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