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05/05 23:54
You idiot. This isn't about me, this is about you.

It isn't about the coffee send, covering my dinner, paying my rent, I already expect that.

This is about rewiring you. Programming your mind. Claiming your soul. Owning you forever.

Findom paypig catfish humanatm whalesub
0 9
05/05 23:18
Don't stress. Just relax.
Don't stress. Just relax.
Don't stress. Just relax.

Findom catfish 2dfd hypnosis
4 5
05/05 23:01
Hhh I'm too excited about owning a new pet~
Its been a year or so. I've go so much built-up greed...

Prey will come falling into my lap soon enough
And then I'll milk them dry of everything I can get my slender little fingers on 🤍

2dfd findom catfish
2 6
05/05 22:49
Happy Cinco De Mayo.

Wifey is out drinking with friends and of course you weren’t invited. Betas don’t get to go out and have fun. They stay home, goon and go into debt.

☀︎︎ scamaddict catfish findom whalesub ripoff humiliation hypnosis brainwash ☀︎︎
1 6
05/05 22:40
Is your ear tingling?

Can you hear My mantra?

Findom catfish 2dfd rewiring reprogramming
3 5



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