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09/23 21:56
HOW did they not show any of Sutton's birthday party this season? that would have been so great!

Geez, show more of this stuff than the bickering, Bravo.

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09/23 21:53
I’d like to think that if a housewife yells “bravo, bravo, bravo” Andy Cohen shows up like Beetlejuice and won’t stop annoying them till they just keep filming anyway. #RHOBH
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09/23 21:49
Moving forward, whenever I’m over a zoom meeting I’m going to yell bravo bravo fucking bravo #BravoTV #RHOBH
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09/23 21:40
Finally! A fun, enjoyable episode! And I don’t have anxiety for once. Come on Bravo, Get back to this kind of show again and stop with the bullying format @BravoTV @BravoWWHL @RHOBH #RHOBH #BravoTV #BRAVO
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09/23 20:28
@KerriConley It has to be the reason. Rinna's looks are shot, she doesn't share her real life, threatened to sue Bravo more than once, and acts as if she's in charge #RHOBH
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