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03/03 04:35
French Brett. That's it. That's the tweet. #MAFS
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03/03 04:30
Shows how much i like Booka and Brett that i will allow the phrase "bacey and eggs" to slide
#mafsau #mafs
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03/03 04:22
I love Booka and Brett... I just, y’know, want him to marry me instead 🤷🏼‍♀️ @MarriedAU #MAFS #MAFSAU #MAFSAUS #MAFSAustralia #MarriedAtFirstSight #MarriedAtFirstSightAus
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03/03 04:21
i love Booka and Brett so much. you can really tell that the genuine attraction is there between them and it’s adorable to watch. #MAFS
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