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07/07 23:00
Watching #WWYD and this little boy is pretending to be a superhero. The mom goes “you’re wearing a mask. People don’t wear masks in public”

Well, this is obviously pre-#COVID19

Now we’re side eyeing you if you’re not wearing a mask.
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07/07 23:00
We’ve seen so many examples of everyday people being heroes these past few months. Thank you for watching our #WWYD premiere tonight – and a special THANK YOU to all workers out on the frontline!
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07/07 22:58
Dean marvels at what the shopper tells him: “I think you can do just everyday things and be helpful to people. And that makes you a hero.” #WWYD #WWYDABC
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07/07 22:58
People don't wear masks in public #wwyd
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07/07 22:58
“People don’t wear masks in public.” This kid was just ahead of his time 😂 #WhatWouldYouDo #wwyd
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