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07/07 22:55
I never understood the “southern pride “ excuse for that flag. What are you proud of? Losing the war? Owning slaves? Being traitors? #WhatWouldYouDo
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07/07 22:49
A LOT of people have a "just ignore it and deal with it" attitude to racism, and that's exactly what people who do MINOR, small, covert acts of racism like wearing a flag are hoping you do too. #wwyd #whatwouldyoudo
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07/07 22:46
The Confederate Flag is the American Equivalent of a German Swastika. #WWYD
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07/07 22:44
me right now watching these racists think that confederate flag isn’t a bad thing #WWYD
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07/07 22:43
Of courses the people defending the confederate flag don't want to have their faces shown. That says a lot. #WWYD
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