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03/24 21:46
They talk about Aneesa like a dog. It’s so ugly. She’s so supportive of everyone including Nany the noodle throwing devil & STILL they play her. She was on the show way before MTV cared about anything. They made fun of her race, size, sexuality, etc. True OG #TheChallenge
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03/24 21:36
yall was praising Bayleigh when she beat Aneesa last season but now it’s belittle Big T this season as she beat an elimination queen. Yall love to switch #TheChallenge
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03/24 21:32
Big T’s personality is infectious and been the highlight of the season next to fun Devin and Aneesa’s point of a WOC winning the challenge is a point that actually makes this season a little bit better. Queens.

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03/24 21:31
@ChallengeMTV Awww Aneesa. Her exit speech was everything! #TheChallenge #thechallenge #TheChallenge36 #TheChallengeDoubleAgents
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03/24 21:31
Aneesa left the game w grace and she’s forever in our gay little hearts WE LOVE YOU @AneesaMTV
#TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
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