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03/02 01:33
When Matt said he never knew kissing with your eyes open was a no-no #TheBachelor
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03/02 01:07
All the mean girls still denying they were mean girls even after watching themselves.

Serena C: Matt I hope you didn’t watch us being horrible people and think we’re horrible people.

Matt: nah

America: yes, Serena. You are a horrible person. You all are.

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03/02 00:57
Yeah Matt, why CANT U STAND UP? 🧍🏻‍♀️🌚 #MattJames #TheBachelor
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03/02 00:53
no one:
what the girls see while kissing Matt:
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03/02 00:46
Matt saying he didn’t know you were supposed to close your eyes when kissing #TheBachelor
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