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04/20 03:25
It’s 420 so of course I want £420 today.
Start sending and please me.

• catfishfindom scamfetish catfishbrat catfishdomme catfishfetish scamkink ripoffkink •
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04/20 03:10
Worship my perfect body and ruin your pathetic life for me, be my entertainment for the night, Daddy 🐷

Pull an all nighter with me😏💲

ꨄcatfish findom paypig finsub blacked pawg femsub humanatm scam ripoff findomtherapy therapy catfishtherapyꨄ
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04/20 03:10
This is what happens when beta dommes double cross name and fail to obey my commands.

They get exposed like the pathetic cuck s that they are...

This particular worthless worm @PrincessTianaCF also happens to be a virgin...isn’t that right...Adysom...?

findom • catfish findom
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04/20 02:40
Filters lie soooooo much!!!
100% catfish account
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04/20 02:33
This Vivian Catfish has got levels, like WandaVision levels. Who’s real. What’s real? How do you date someone not real? How do you brainwash a small town of 14,000 Twitter followers?
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