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03/17 15:06
Y'all Liam looks so UPSET lmaooooo

Talkin about how he wants to kill Vinny

The look on his face when he realized Steffy and Finn will be parents lmaooo, he looked SICK

He isn't even hiding it from Hope. He is openly disappointed ahahaha

1 7
03/17 15:02
I love how Steffy remembered to text her dad with her good news but she didn’t give 2 shits about Liam! #BoldandBeautiful
3 6
03/17 14:47
Steffy didn’t need to be saved.
she needed to be found and appreciated for exactly who she was !

And Finn found her and loves her for who she is : a Queen !


1 8
03/17 14:37
Hope, you need to recognize that this changes NOTHING. Your husband still doubted you, still ran to and slept with Steffy. He is still the man you need to walk away from. #BoldAndBeautiful
0 5
03/17 14:33
Ridge, maybe you should pick up the phone and CALL STeffy, see if Finn got to her? #BoldAndBeautiful
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