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04/28 13:57
Liam says that just being around his family, Hope, Beth, and Douglas will help him! The purity of what they represent! I ask, Kelly who? #BoldandBeautiful
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04/28 13:51
What kind of person does that? Thomas, for one. Taylor, Liam....I’m sure there’s more. #BoldandBeautiful
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04/28 13:50
Liam is now in a position where he has the chance to tell the truth many times and face consequences but didnt bc he wanted his "perfect" life more.

The same thing he relentlessly harped on others for... now he is guilty himself

Watch him still be an asshole
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04/28 13:42
They did Hope so dirty in this SL

No couples therapy to get to the roots of why Liam still thinks Steffy is his anchor and his constant?

No therapy arc for Liam as to why his dick be swinging more than a revolving door?

Nope just doormat redux zzzz

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04/28 13:41
Liam is such a punk. He looks like he’s having contractions 🤣. #BoldandBeautiful
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