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06/12 22:17
Yes, I’m still upset about getting snubbed as the first black bachelor #TheBachelor
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06/12 19:58
Has Clare congratulated Matt James on being the first ever Black bachelor? No? Ok then. We see you. #TheBachelor #BlackLivesMatter
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06/12 15:30
#Friends' co-creator #MartaKauffman sheds tears over the show's lack of diversity 😢the world is ready for its first black male lead in #TheBachelor 🙌🏽and #MirandaLambert's chickens get celebrity treatment 🐣👀on today's #DishNation!
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06/12 15:18
#TheBachelor has officially cast its first black lead
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06/12 13:21
It only took #TheBachelor during a BLM movement to have a black bachelor after 18 YEARS of airing. ABOUT DAMN TIME 👏🏽👏🏽
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