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02/15 21:54
tw // domestic violence

the way with each postcard, maddie had a new bruise or cut on her from doug? my heart is so shattered because this isn't about the fiction- this happens every single day to millions of people and so many are suffering in silence. 🥺
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02/15 21:43
maddie really wanted to run away with buck #911onFOX
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02/15 21:27
Stark: “There’s a really lovely scene in the episode where a young Buck tells Maddie that he knows he’s going to be something. Then, I think we get to see all these different iterations of Buck. He kind of just tries on all these different hats.” #911onFOX
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02/15 21:19
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02/15 21:15
as much as i wasn’t keen on the parents being redeemed, i totally see that it was important for buck personally. he got that closure with them finally, but he knows that the 118 and maddie will always be the only family he ever needs. #911onFOX
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