Trends on The Bachelor

01/25 21:42
Also so what if Brittany hangs out with rich men cuz they buy her shit cuz she is pretty.. like that wouldnt be any one of us given the same opportunity😂 #TheBachelor
01/25 21:00
#TheBachelor: Ben Higgins is on tonight. Me: #wyatr @annahossnieh
01/20 01:22
Me watching the girls laughing at Victoria’s joke about Sarah #TheBachelor
01/19 00:21
Did I miss the group date card being read??! Who's gonna be on this date?! #TheBachelor
01/18 21:21
01/18 20:41
Not the eyes open again! #TheBachelor
01/12 15:42
01/11 21:42
Not Victoria interrupting the other girls on the date AND wearing a purple bra showing through the white low cut dress #TheBachelor #bachelorabc
01/11 21:21
@TylerJCameron3 when he realizes @mattjames919 no longer wants him as his emergency contact #TheBachelor
01/11 20:21
“I’m nOt HeRe To Be In a SoRoRiTy” *wears traditional tie-dye sorority garb* #TheBachelor
01/05 02:22
When you don't get a rose 🌹 #TheBachelor
01/05 00:41
Dildo Girl out here looking like Vanessa Bayer from SNL #TheBachelor #BachelorNation
01/05 00:41
She did not just tap Mari with her vibrator... #TheBachelor
01/05 00:21
I met Matt James on the basketball court in the B/R New York office and didn’t shoot my shot. #TheBachelor
01/05 00:21
The women during Matt’s prayer: #TheBachelor #BachelorNation
01/04 21:41
Rachel giving me first impression Rose vibes #TheBachelor
01/04 21:21
me at everyone getting annoyed with the girl with the vibrator: #TheBachelor
01/04 21:21
Sweet tea in a pickup truck? This girl did not come to play. #TheBachelor
01/04 21:01
Me, my mom, and my sister when Queen Victoria fell 😭🤣😭🤣#TheBachelor
01/04 20:41
Me looking at all these beautiful women of color on #TheBachelor