Trends on The Bachelor

02/23 01:22
Leaked footage of Rachael’s hometown next week #TheBachelor
02/23 01:22
Bri is so wrong for laying that at this man's feet. You made that choice to be there so bringing it up now is low. That's something you tell him after you get picked. #TheBachelor
02/23 00:22
I have a feeling he only really likes two of the contestants. Michelle and Rachel. He doesn’t seem genuinely enjoying time with any of them except for those two. The only other person we’ve seen him happy with this season is Tyler C. #TheBachelor #bachelor
02/22 21:22
The producers: Canada? Add every stereotypical thing you can think of and put it in a room #TheBachelor
02/22 21:22
My Canadian heart is so full right now #TheBachelor
02/22 21:22
That poutine looks actually disgusting #TheBachelor
02/22 20:41
If someone brought me on a skydiving date #TheBachelor
02/16 01:21
Jessenia trying not to look at the rose he’s waving in her face while dumping her #thebachelor
02/16 00:22
the driver of this episode absolutely yeeting girls to the airport #TheBachelor
02/15 23:02
02/15 22:03
Bye Piper witcha mean ass #theBachelor
02/15 21:02
So was there an actual date or did I blink and miss it? #TheBachelor
02/15 20:41
Me seeing another tantric yoga date on The Bachelor #TheBachelor
02/15 20:21
02/15 20:01
@emmaladyrose @ClaireEFallon Chris Harrison gaslighting women AGAIN despite 99% of #BachelorNation viewers being... uhhh... women #TheBachelor gets more toxic by the day
02/13 19:02
What's that? #TheBachelor needs a new host? Allow me to reintroduce myself.
02/09 02:01
02/08 21:21
#TheBachelorABC #thebachelor Victoria if she lasted until the bowling date
02/08 20:22
Victoria’s bra in every dress she wears during cocktail parties #thebachelor
02/01 22:02
Tyler Cameron coming next week #TheBachelor