Trends on Cloak & Dagger

05/30 23:20
Just watched tomorrow’s #CloakAndDagger season finale and it is PHENOMENAL. Y’all are in for a treat. And all the #Tyrandy feels!
05/30 21:40
05/30 21:40
05/30 21:20
I mean, no kiss but... WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TYRANDY #cloakanddagger
05/30 21:20
Do you agree with Tandy? #CloakAndDagger
05/30 21:00
Tyrone talking to the gang leaders telling them that they're going to stop selling drugs to traffickers. #CloakAndDagger
05/23 21:00
Andre laying out his master plan to the good guys like all good villains do. #CloakAndDagger @Brooklynmclinn @olivia_holt @aubreyomari
05/23 21:00
Mayhem ready to move on and go hunting for Andre. #CloakAndDagger
05/23 20:40
@CloakAndDagger I love that you guys mention Luke Cage in tonight episode #CloakAndDagger
05/16 21:01
i feel so bad for brigid omg 😭 #CloakAndDagger
05/16 20:41
They chose you to be a voice, Evita. #CloakAndDagger // @ladyadavis & @MissNoelleRenee