Trends on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

05/09 12:23
04/12 14:05
I'm all for Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta getting together....gah, I'm such a sucker for 2 ppl who are bad at expressing their feelings liking each other. Cant help but root for them. #AmWatching #Brooklyn99
04/12 14:05
jake: excuse me? how dare you? that is my WIFE! me: #Brooklyn99
04/12 14:05
"If Rosa had a twin, she would have eaten her in the womb." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #AmWatching #Brooklyn99 #GinaIsTheBest
02/21 09:42
Fun fact: did you know Gina Linetti didn’t exist in the show’s first form? Chelsea originally auditioned for the part of Rosa and the authors created Gina's character just for her... and we couldn’t be happier! Happy birthday Chelsea Peretti❤️ #Brooklyn99
02/17 14:22
@AndreBraugher Footage of Cheddar trying to escape his kidnapper #BrooklynNineNine #brooklyn99 #b99
02/12 01:00
S06: casecation, all I ever wanted.. casecation, had to get away! 🎵🎶 S07: who's that mama looking so cool? I'm that mama looking so cool! 🎶🎵 #Brooklyn99
02/11 19:00
I’m sad about b99 ending because it brought a lot of great people into my life, even if we have drifted apart and it was my comfort show during a tough time. I’m happy that we were able to get a great show with amazing characters and storylines. It’ll be okay ❤️ #Brooklyn99
02/11 15:20
@FossilLocator Brooklyn99 Leverage Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Carmen Sandiego My Life is Murder Pushing Daisies (And if you like that one, Queens of Mystery) That's off the top of my head...
02/09 12:23
I’ve been Brooklyn99-less so yes I’m in a shit mood☹️
01/27 18:22
This episode reminded me why I stan Charles Boyle #Brooklyn99
01/24 15:24
12/21 15:04
Noice! #Brooklyn99 @vance_larena
12/21 15:04
cool cool cool cool cool cool #Brooklyn99 no doubt no doubt
12/14 13:25
12/14 13:25
No follow up questions necessary! Catch a new episode of #Brooklyn99 at a new time! 7:30/6:30c on Thursday ⏰ Set Your PVR
12/10 16:00
12/09 14:03
@FootballIndex There’s only two people in my precinct that are stupid enough to buy Matheus Pereira #footballindex #Brooklyn99
11/10 13:03
11/10 13:03