Trends on My 600-lb Life

02/24 22:23
Is anybody gonna get surgery this season!#My600lblife
02/24 22:22
02/24 21:42
He burning everything BUT calories #my600lblife
02/24 21:26
The whole UnitedStates has gone hungry and this fool is burning food! Instead of grilling it and feed the homeless #My600LbLife
02/24 20:44
Is that middle school lunch pizza #My600lbLife
02/24 20:44
Damn he is inhaling that spaghetti like hoover #my600lblife
02/17 22:24
Isaac lost 120 lbs and NOW he needs a cane? #My600lbLife
02/17 22:04
I'm not buying the mom story! #my600lblife
02/17 21:25
He spent $2400 for two round trip cab rides to lose 41lbs #my600lblife
02/17 21:24
It seems like Dr. Now is more pleasant with this family. #my600lblife
02/17 20:23
Can we get some food context here @TLC did he have all the pancakes, all the pizza & all the hamburger takeout in one day bc he’s wearing the same clothes we’re going to need time stamps... #my600lblife
02/10 22:24
How? What does she mean she doesn’t know how she gained all that weight???? 🙄 #My600lbLife
02/10 22:23
You know who Krystal reminds me of...?? eeyore #my600lblife
02/10 21:43
PLEASE...someone get that damn food out of hubby's beard!!! #my600lblife
02/10 20:42
When I was 400lbs+ I ate 6 pans of crab legs from an Chinese all you can eat buffet in Champaign, Illinois almost #GotMeBanned They do not serve crab legs anymore. Stopped going to buffets help me drop the weight. Not going to be on #my600lblife
02/10 20:42
I like garlic bread but damn this people LOVE GARLIC BREAD #my600lblife
02/03 22:23
Wait I go brush my teeth come back & Kenae is in a pool exercising!!!! #my600lblife
02/03 22:23
Ok she went to church with him but nobody’s as there #My600lbLife
02/03 21:23
Me rn trying to find Dr Nows diet... #my600lblife
01/27 22:23
Lorddddddd Melissa!! I had high hopes for you! You wasted our time too!!! #my600lblife