Trends on My 600-lb Life

05/06 21:24
@Kissable_Smiley Angie's story was a wild ride! Makes the ASSanti Brothers look tame... #my600lblife
05/05 22:25
Tiffany and Aaron broke up no way! #my600lblife
05/05 22:25
Why does Cillas sound like Darth Vader???? #My600lbLife
05/05 21:03
I will not stand for this Lola disrespect!!! #my600lblife
04/28 22:21
Yeah...@TLC please no more updates on Jeanne..we don’t care about whatever happens to her #my600lblife
04/28 22:20
Brandon is the #my600lblife cast member we all needed tonight.
04/28 20:41
Them dogs probably want her to leave so they can escape to a clean home #my600lblife #600lblife
04/28 20:41
Oh my gosh did DrNow just say there was dog hair on her wound? 😰😰😰 #my600lblife
04/28 20:21
They had me on hydrocodone and percocets after my surgeries a couple of years ago...I was waking up in my own house and didn't know where the fuck I was... I tossed them bitches so fast! #My600lbLife
04/21 21:52
She was panini pressed for this surgery. Got it and she’s STILL COMPLAINING. #My600lbLife
04/21 21:52
Did James just kiss her on her neck!!!?? #My600lbLife
04/21 21:11
She’s homeless but has a charged cell phone?!? #my600lblife
04/21 21:10
Soooo..... are we gonna watch her sleeping in the park shooting up for the next 50 minutes? #my600lblife
04/21 21:10
Dave is high as hell right now #my600lblife
04/14 21:43
You know that ambulance left and Dr. Paradise was all....#my600lblife
04/14 21:43
Last place Justin was seen #My600LBLife
04/07 22:25
All of us online trying to see what Rick’s new woman looks like...#my600lblife
04/07 22:24
Brianne you slayed! Definitely one of my faves and a tough cookie! #my600lblife
04/07 21:43
How can you be ready for skin removal and you gained 62 while US American pounds. #my600lblife
03/31 21:58
Maja family is really at that table playing in her face and lying to her #my600lblife