Trends on The Bachelor

04/14 13:03
There’s no way #TheBachelor producers pass up the opportunity to capitalize on this with a gay season. #BachelorNation
04/14 13:03
Colton coming out doesn’t erase the fact that he stalked and terrorized his previous girlfriend #TheBachelor
03/17 01:42
Me when Matt picks out a ring after knowing he’s not ready to be engaged #TheBachelor
03/17 01:23
This man is looking at the ring he apparently wants to propose to Rachel with and STILL finding a way to bring up his mom and dad’s relationship. Make it stop! #TheBachelor
03/17 00:05
I fucking knew it!!!! They picked Katie then the racist stuff came out and they figured fuck we should’ve picked Michelle so they went and just did both since they couldn’t go back to Katie! #katie #michelle #Bachelor #TheBachelor #ATFR @BachelorABC @BacheloretteABC
03/16 06:04
#FirstWhiskey #thebachelor #OscarNoms #BTS #BLACKPINK cancelled problematic grammy’s harry styles views fancam edit miraculous ladybug Patriots nsfw Getting views
03/16 05:23
03/16 03:42
Matt’s body language is a clear answer that he & Rachael will never ever ever getting back together. #AfterTheFinalRose #TheBachelor
03/15 23:02
I’ve watched so many seasons of Chris Harrison saying that he would “ask all the tough questions” but here is @EmmanuelAcho actually delivering #TheBachelor #ATFR
03/15 23:01
Redemption!!! Michelle and Katie will have their own Bachelorette season!! #TheBachelor
03/15 23:01
*Emmanuel encouraging one final embrace* IT DOESNT HAPPEN. #TheBachelor #TheBachelorFinale
03/15 22:02
“I see you as my wife”. So why not propose to her then? #TheBachelor
03/15 21:41
“It represents the ring my father couldn’t give to my mother. It represents a lot of broken promises” #TheBachelor
03/15 21:41
Neil Lane's favorite diamond is pear shape? #TheBachelor
03/15 21:21
you're telling me they still used Chris Harrison for the voiceover for after the final rose?? SIR I - #TheBachelor
03/15 20:01
When Rachael says she's ready to "take on life with you and whatever it throws our way." #TheBachelor
03/15 20:01
THREE HOUR FINALE?? Right after daylight savings?? I’m expected to stay up until 10pm??? #TheBachelor
03/09 02:21
Bri and Michelle are too good for Matt #TheBachelor #Bachelor #bachelorabc
03/08 23:40
All 3 of the girls: OMG he really opened up to me and told me about this really serious conversation with his dad *Watching it back* #TheBachelor
03/08 21:41
Like sis is currently ruining her date cause she’s worrying about her date cause he had other dates before her date #TheBachelor