Trends on The Bachelor

03/02 02:05
Victoria hopped on those rumors SO FAST. And now she's questioning Anna about them?! For real?! #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll
03/02 02:05
I was really hoping the rumours about them bringing in Matt’s dad were false.... #TheBachelor
03/02 02:04
WTF is wrong with these women?! They’re giving Katie a harder time for pointing out the toxicity than that bitch Victoria for causing it. Even the women I liked are gaslighting her...I’m looking at you Chelsea. 👀 WTF. #thebachelor #womentellall @Ventwithkatie @chelseavaughn_
03/02 00:22
03/02 00:03
Anna walking through the streets of Chicago #TheBachelor
03/01 23:43
#TheBachelor Chris Harrison every season: “Trust me, you have no idea what’s coming.” Bachelor Nation:
03/01 22:23
Literally all Piper did was whine and cry whyyyyyyy are we focusing on her rn #TheBachelor
03/01 22:23
I thought it was peak embarrassment that Heather was at the tell all, but I think the fact they cut her out of it is #TheBachelor
03/01 22:04
Did I just see Tayshia and Jojo in those bloopers???!! They really left SO much out #TheBachelor
03/01 21:44
Serena: "I hope you don’t see us in a bad light or being mean" get out rn. #TheBachelor
03/01 21:43
whoever said his beard was 10/10 you do not need to kiss up to him you were already voted off of the show #TheBachelor
03/01 21:23
Why don’t they do a gay Bachelor or Bachelorette? #TheBachelor #Bachelor #BachelorNation
03/01 21:22
#TheBachelor Chris Harrison: Bachelor Nation, raise your hand if you were ✨stunned✨ when Pieper was sent home Bachelor Nation:
03/01 20:43
Me when Chris Harrison says he "loved when Kit said she didn't have any concept of time" followed up by "i don't know why I just really got that!" #TheBachelor
03/01 20:42
So they cut all of the best group dates and kept the no rules wedding dress capture the flag?? #TheBachelor
03/01 20:22
Yes it was bullying. Yes it was toxic. #thebachelor
03/01 20:22
Chelsea stop trying to defend ur toxic ass friends and Mari needs to stfu #TheBachelor
03/01 20:02
Watching Matt tell the women how thankful he is that they’re handling things with grace #TheBachelor #Bachelor
02/28 00:43
Im so upset that Rachel Lindsay deactivated her account because a LOT of white bachelor Nation fans are just racist bullies because they are so uncomfortable when racism is being discussed #TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor
02/23 02:41
Michelle is hilarious and we’ve barely seen that at all! #TheBachelor