Trends on The Kids Are Alright

05/22 00:40
#TheKidsAreAlright No one can beat Peg Cleary for economizing. Except my own mom who went on a powdered milk kick to save $$ in the 70s. @marycmccormack @TheKidsABC
05/21 21:21
05/09 22:42
@Guspuppy616 @TheKidsABC @ABCNetwork Renew #TheKidsAreAlright now!!
04/30 22:42
What can I say, #TWD was her favorite show, but now... #TheKidsareAlright @ABCNetwork @TheKidsABC @Cudlitz @marycmccormack @FlakedAndFormed @realjackgore @MrAndyWalken @CalebFoote @RichardsActor @straley_sam @SantinoBarnard #RenewTheKidsAreAlright #RenewTheKidsABC