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@thetop_100 @BTS_twt I nominate Jungkook from BTS for The 100 Most Handsome K-POP Artist of 2020. #the100 #100mosthandsome2020 #jungkook
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You changed my life for the better, I appreciate it a lot, I'm so grateful for it and I can't wait to see you all on the screens in new productions! Thanks to you, 2020 has gotten better, thank you very much. Just rest and May We Meet Again. ❤️ #The100 #MayWeMeetAgain
10/01 15:43
one of my dreams has come true Clarke and Murphy deserved a great deal of development, unfortunately there wasn't, like a lot of things. #the100
10/01 13:43
And I promise you that in another life you will have your happy ending. You deserve the world Bellamy Blake, I miss you so much. You’re a part of me. Thank you for inspiring me and making me a better person. Thank you. #The100 #BellamyBlakeDeservedBetter
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us ignoring clarke leaning in for a kiss and lexa dodging it yup #the100
09/30 23:25
The 100 had it’s ups and downs but without it I wouldn’t have some of the most solid friendships I’ve had in my life and some amazing life experiences, I’m grateful for that and happy with the ending! I feel free now! Closure. Content. Transcended. 😌 #the100 #Lexa #itsover