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12/21 09:02
@thetop_100 @BTS_twt I nominate Jungkook from BTS for The 100 Most Handsome K-POP Artist of 2020. #the100 #100mosthandsome2020 #jungkook
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10/01 15:43
You changed my life for the better, I appreciate it a lot, I'm so grateful for it and I can't wait to see you all on the screens in new productions! Thanks to you, 2020 has gotten better, thank you very much. Just rest and May We Meet Again. ❤️ #The100 #MayWeMeetAgain
10/01 15:43
one of my dreams has come true Clarke and Murphy deserved a great deal of development, unfortunately there wasn't, like a lot of things. #the100
10/01 13:43
And I promise you that in another life you will have your happy ending. You deserve the world Bellamy Blake, I miss you so much. You’re a part of me. Thank you for inspiring me and making me a better person. Thank you. #The100 #BellamyBlakeDeservedBetter
10/01 09:42
us ignoring clarke leaning in for a kiss and lexa dodging it yup #the100
09/30 23:25
The 100 had it’s ups and downs but without it I wouldn’t have some of the most solid friendships I’ve had in my life and some amazing life experiences, I’m grateful for that and happy with the ending! I feel free now! Closure. Content. Transcended. 😌 #the100 #Lexa #itsover
09/30 23:25
me after that finale bc we got clexa endgame and i won’t take criticism on that #the100
09/30 23:25
Do you realize that a good part of #OctaviaKru always thought Octavia was going to die? Since S4, we have been tortured with this. Every season we were afraid, but in the end she survived and was happy. We did it, bitches! #The100 #MayWeMeetAgain #ThankYouOctaviaBlake
09/30 20:46
Damn are we really gonna lose Emori!! NOOO 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 #The100 #MayWeMeetAgain
09/30 20:46
Murphy was one of the characters that definitely took us (well me) on a wild roll coaster ride. One minute I hated him the next I liked him and now I just want him to survive 😖 #The100
09/30 20:46
The only one good relationship involving Abby #The100
09/30 20:46
imagine raven gets to the end of the test to save humanity and she sees Becca there and Becca says...”You’re special Raven. That’s why i chose you for this. You passed the test. Well done.” 😭 #The100
09/30 20:05
"I'm ready." #The100
09/30 20:04
#The100 series finale starts now! Brace yourselves for this episode and our accompanying live tweet!
09/30 17:43
You think it’s war because you want a war #The100
09/25 16:05
Grounders legacy until the end. Jus drein Jus dawn. I'm soft #The100