Trends on The Masked Singer

02/13 17:42
Ok so joss stone has won the masked singer👏🏼👏🏼 they reveal she’s performed in EVERY country in the world except Iran. Can we just talk about how she illegally performed in Syria 🤣🤣
02/13 17:41
Sausage, you’re a wiener baby!! 😂 #TheMaskedSinger @ThisisDavina
02/13 17:22
Me: “There’s no damn way Ne-Yo is on The Masked Singer, I’m not fucking having it, he has far better things to do than be prancing around on British TV dressed as a badger!” Me when Neyo took off the badger mask: #TheMaskedSingerUK
02/13 15:42
😉 knew it!!!! Neyo and Joss! #TheMaskedSinger
02/13 15:02
Why do the judges guess people that ITV could never book in a million years?! As if Bruno Mars has a bit of time to dress up as a Robin 🤣🤣 Have a day off! #TheMaskedSinger #TheMaskedSingerUK
02/13 15:02
when aston merrygold is revealed as robin #TheMaskedSinger #MaskedSingerUK
02/13 14:43
Sheridan Smith. Sure of it. #TheMaskedSinger
02/13 14:22
My name fits like a glove... Aston MERRYGOLD #TheMaskedSinger
02/13 14:02
It’s the final tonight, who’s excited? #TheMaskedSinger @NeilSledding @Zobear @buxton081
02/06 15:43
Me: The Masked Singer is a terrible idea for a television show Also me: I really need to find who Harlequin actually is. #MaskedSinger
02/06 15:23
"Everyone should embrace their inner dragon." - @sueperkins I loved Dragon on #themaskedsinger such an joy to watch each week and your voice is amazing ❤️🏳️‍🌈 you may not have won the show ... but you went out and sang despite your fears, you are the winner in my book.
02/06 15:23
01/30 16:43
Hearing online that Morton Harket was on the Masked Singer UK reminded me that when I presented (then as an employee of BPP) at the @Inspera conference 2018 in Oslo I managed to get the titles of nine Aha songs into my presentation.
01/30 16:42
I hope Viking really is Morten Harket so we get to see him. I’m still in love with him 😍🥰❤️😂😂 #TheMaskedSinger #TheMaskedSingerUK
01/30 16:22
Nailed it @Alana_Spencer_ I told you it was Morten Harket all day long 🤗 I luuuuve AHA, I used to listen to their album "Hunting high & low" whilst I biked 15 miles home from work in the 80s 😊🤗😊 #MaskedSingerUK #maskedsinger #TheMaskedSinger
01/30 16:02
lol @ me at the start of this series saying "Lenny Henry is a serious academic now, I just don't think he'd do a show like this at this stage in his career" #TheMaskedSinger
01/30 15:42
Lockin in Lenny Henry for blob (I hate how invested I am in this show) #TheMaskedSinger
01/30 15:23
01/30 15:22
He even did Take On Me one week and we didn’t guess it. Morten Harket revealed on #TheMaskedSinger. #NowThatsASurprise