Trends on The Masked Singer

05/27 01:21
I hope Jojo makes a comeback after this. I always thought she had a good voice #Blackswanmask #Themaskedsinger
05/27 01:21
"You really just touched my heart." Piglet gives @JennyMcCarthy all the feels. #TheMaskedSinger @MaskedSingerFOX
05/26 22:42
I never knew the range that Aloe Blacc had until now #TheMaskedSinger
05/26 22:24
@MaskedSingerFOX It’s Nick Lachey. Of course! #TheMaskedSinger #ThePigletMask
05/26 21:23
@JennyMcCarthy @JaimeDonnieGirl @cassie040683 @AngelaW20427503 @Renee_Houston06 @lilmama7116 @DonnieMaggie @junebug61767 @Michele73857636 @ElisaGoRaiders @Brenda93424960 @MaevaBlueBloods @NewGirlsontheB1 @sjmmrl @naturenohurry91 @jennyraej1979 @DDUBGIRL69 @UniqueNatasha08 @KaraStraitUp @mdelosangeles71 @Susanalicious @lascala9903 @Bounlay2311 @Kerrycb37 @NKOTB86DDubGirl @DolphinMg @Aleks_Polswka @CNoelLovesDdub @Ruth_A_Day @SatinWashington @Ddubwifey89 @GisselleMolin13 @SherrieFinch16A @DonnieWahlberg @LisaStammitti @TrishaCatlett1 @shergiggles @TiffanyNKOTB @jennife00164134 @newnkotbgal @ArchevalNancy @4CherBear67 @TangnikaiA @Blanka55511 @AprilWagner19 @juskeepbreathn @joeygirl4ever77 @jaredaripaul @JonathanRKnight You do look amazing tonight btw Jenny and you're my favorite 💖💖💖 #TheMaskedSinger
05/26 21:03
Tori Kelly somehow managed to not make the finals last season so I hope they don’t rob black swan like that #TheMaskedSinger
05/26 20:42
I hope Wiz Khalifa is having fun on the show #TheMaskedSinger
05/26 20:41
When the chameleon has the gene Simmons tongue but Paul Stanley"s eye star so then youre confused. 😂😂 #MaskedSinger #TheMaskedSinger
05/26 20:01
Everyone is raven about these performers!! I have to check out #TheMaskedSinger finale tonight! #raven
05/20 01:20
Lol when Jenny finds out that’s Donnie and she didn’t even know it was her husband she’s been reminding us she’s married to all season... 😂 #TheMaskedSinger
05/19 23:22
Ok I definitely believe the Yeti is Omarion I didn’t see it at first but yea I know that voice 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 #YetiMask #themaskedsinger
05/19 21:42
Can we talk about how yeti came out with a “icebox” #themaskedsinger
05/19 21:01
05/19 21:01
We have to guess who’s Cluedle Do! Who do you think it is? #TheMaskedSinger
05/19 20:41
The Black Swan’s performance 😭😭😭😭😭 #TheMaskedSinger
05/12 23:22
the episode that's airing rn of #themaskedsinger was the one i was in the virtual audience for and i voted for the russian dolls cause they ate
05/12 22:42
@MaskedSingerFOX Me when anyone thinks it’s not Hanson #RussianDollsMask #TheMaskedSinger
05/12 21:03
Did Snoop Dogg sing his own song as #chameleonMask? #TheMaskedSinger
05/06 01:20
Most definitely #robopinemask is @Tyrese & I’m gonna say that every time!! #TheMaskedSinger
05/06 00:41
Yeah I was Nicole during Robopine’s performance... Tyrese 😂💃🏾#TheMaskedSinger