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02/27 22:21
Goodnight Dummy #Svengoolie
02/27 22:20
Wow that was a bizarre movie!!! It was so fun being able to watch #svengoolie again!
02/27 22:20
Vorelli's fake beard isn't suitable for *any* viewers #DevilDoll #Svengoolie
02/27 22:20
Was there a sequel - DEVIL DOLL 2: BRIDE OF HUGO? #Svengoolie
02/27 22:01
Take that, Devil Doll! From Enrico Pillatso! #Svengoolie
02/20 22:20
I don’t need to see Vincent Price’s face, his voice will do just fine #Svengoolie
02/20 22:20
Invisible man: let get nude and mess with people. #Svengoolie
02/20 21:20
Here’s a French poster for tonight’s #Svengoolie movie The Invisible Man Returns!
02/06 22:40
Dr. Ramos get stung by the BLACK SCORPION and becomes Mexico's 1st Super Hero - "El escorpión negro" THE BLACK SCORPION here he is in action: #svengoolie
02/06 22:20
I never knew that scorpions drooled this much 😊... #svengoolie #theblackscorpion
02/06 22:00
And this is how Juanito became Scorpionman #Svengoolie Caves do crazy things..
02/06 22:00
#Svengoolie I'm going off the rails on a crazy train. .
01/30 22:20
Commercial Break Comic Book Panel ... (A splash page! Warlord vs. Tarantis; Warlord Annual #1; art by Mike Grell) #Svengoolie
01/30 22:20
#Svengoolie we're lost in the cave!
01/30 22:20
How I feel about what happens to Carol and Mike right now. #Svengoolie
01/30 22:20
“If the spider doesn’t get them, the bad air will!” #Svengoolie
01/30 22:00
Giant Radioactive Spider bit me #Svengoolie
01/30 21:00
Ironically the giant spider called in Sting to do a reverse DDT on the Sheriff! #Svengoolie
01/30 20:40
01/23 22:00
Lon might be under the weather.. But his hair is PERFECT. #Svengoolie