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06/12 22:20
@JackalopeJamie @Svengoolie @MeTV @UniversalHorror Hi, Jamie! I’m shocked that anyone would miss Svengoolie hosting “Man Made Monster” tonight and I’m definitely watt... I mean... not one of them!
06/12 22:20
That was a fun movie, but of course every movie is fun with the Goolie Gang! Thanks for the great time, and when your driving through the desert beware of skeletons and hotel managers! Goodnight, have a great week, see you next time, Same Sven Time Same Sven Channel! #Svengoolie
06/12 22:20
On the walls of Pete Drummond’s (Robert H. Harris) home in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER are several Paul Blaisdel creations including monsters from THE SHE-CREATURE(1956), IT CONQUERED THE WORLD (1956) and INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN (1957). #Svengoolie
06/12 22:00
Perry Mason. Take a drink. #HowToMakeAMonster @MeTV @Svengoolie #SciFiSaturdayNight #Svengoolie
06/12 21:00
That was a howling good time everyone, thanks for a great night as always Goolies! Have a great week, goodnight, and always carry a candlestick in case of werewolf dinner party! See you next week, Same Sven Time Same Sven Channel! #Svengoolie
06/05 22:20
No petrified snakes! #svengoolie
06/05 22:20
I nominate Ed Platt for a posthumous Academy Award for his scene in "Cukt of the Cobra" #Svengoolie
06/05 20:40
We all having fun with the cult of Svengoolie #Svengoolie
06/05 20:20
Unfortunately, unable to make the Big Broadcast tonight @Svengoolie Pals (family stuff). Sending shaky snake vibes in the meantime! #Svengoolie
05/29 22:20
// That's about it for #Svengoolie: The Frozen Ghost. Up next #MeTVStarTrek: OBSESSION
05/29 22:20
So much fun tonight!! Loved watching The #Svengoolie Stomp with Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon! Thanks @Svengoolie and you're crew for keeping us entertained! Thanks #SvenPals for all the great tweets. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day all and Nighty Nite!! #LoveSven
05/29 22:00
Use Tilex to clean up hot melted wax. #Svengoolie #HouseofWax
05/29 22:00
Lon might be under the weather.. But his hair is PERFECT. #Svengoolie
05/29 21:20
Freddy boom boom @Svengoolie #svengoolie
05/29 21:00
#Svengoolie Doesn't Rudy remind you of someone?
05/22 22:20
The special FX in "King Kong Escapes" are so stellar because it's a Rankin-Bass production #Svengoolie
05/15 22:20
The Fiend Without a Face #Svengoolie
05/15 22:20
05/15 21:20
Ok Gibbons moaning legit gave me chills when it started. That was VERY well done. #Svengoolie
05/15 21:00
You're eyes without a face... #Svengoolie