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09/22 09:25
@bts_bighit @TODAYshow I'M CRYING
09/03 10:05
This morning hundreds of thousands of Gulf Coast residents are still without power or water after Hurricane Laura tore across the area. Damage from the Category 4 storm is now estimated at up to $20 billion. Our story for the @TODAYshow:
09/03 10:05
@blackwomenviews @TODAYshow @KamalaHarris @craigmelvin That was a bizarre question. Chaos isn’t inherent to the White House, Trump brought it to the White House by design.
09/03 10:05
@TODAYshow @kasie The stylist, Jonathan DeNardo, has had his lawyer call out the salon owner as a liar. The letter is now public. He has phone records, video, photographs and witness information. The salon owner just got beat at her own game. Why are Today & Kasie late to the update?
06/15 10:04
@TODAYshow The people boycotting Costco over the store’s mask policy are
06/03 15:04
@TODAYshow @NYPDChiefofDept Police chief should resign immediately. ACAB
06/03 15:04
@TODAYshow @NYPDChiefofDept Guys the NYPD always does a great job, you’ll never hear otherwise. I’ve never seen a profession that needs constant back rubs, cookies, and praise for doing a job that they CHOSE. Even when they’re killing ppl the line is always, “he showed great restraint.”
06/03 14:24
@SavannahGuthrie @TODAYshow Cuomo is a total failure on multiple levels. Poor New York will never recover from he and DeBlasio. Never.
06/03 13:44
@SavannahGuthrie @TODAYshow He had no reason to apologize
06/03 12:43
The daylight shows the real extent of the damage in downtown Atlanta. This is the CNN Center. Officers still standing guard inside. Coming up on @TODAYshow
06/02 11:23
@OutlanderOreo @TODAYshow When they tear gas the priest standing in front of the church to do it
05/08 12:04
@TODAYshow And here is Costco’s reply:
05/08 08:23
04/23 10:23
Happy Birthday @SheinelleJones!!! Cheers🎂🙏🏼🍾🎉 @alroker comin’ in hot with the @BACARDI on a Friday morning😅🥃 #3rdhourtoday @TODAYshow
04/16 09:00
@craigmelvin @SavannahGuthrie @TODAYshow There you go. This is the problem. This is why mass testing must be done before anyone feels "SAFE" to go back into any workplace. We need to find the asymptomatic folk and treat them ASAP. #COVID19
04/16 08:20
Asked ( on @TODAYshow ) if he knows when we’ll return to normal @NYGovCuomo replies No - says we need widespread testing-
04/13 10:02
So nice to see Eric Cooper with the @safoodbank on the @TODAYshow. They’re doing incredible work and getting recognized for it. Thousands and thousands need food — if you can donate food or your time, please do.
04/10 09:40
Great to hear from @Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on the @TODAYshow this morning. #walmartcares
04/08 11:02
Watching Carson Daly cutting his own hair on @TODAYshow made my morning! Snapped this great photo of everyone’s expression! Whose expression is your favorite?
04/08 09:21