Trends on Chicago Fire

06/18 21:22
@ChicagoFire I mean... It's by far better. But, changing something that didn't need to be changed got you in this position.
05/26 22:42
@NBCOneChicago OMG. That #ChicagoFire episode gives a new meaning to the term cliffhanger. I think I now need the Paramedics
05/26 22:41
@NBCChicagoPD @NBCChicagoFire I'd always call squad 3 for backup! #ChicagoFire 🚒🚑💞
05/26 22:23
We'll miss you Capp! 😉 #ChicagoFire #OneChicago
05/26 22:23
Stella: Sorry Brett but Your temporary partner is a jinx 😜😂 OMG I knew it she really think that Violet jinxed them 😂 #ChicagoFire
05/26 22:22
Chief Mercer you gonna regret accusing Severide. Your son is to blame asshole!!! #ChicagoFire
05/26 22:03
How I see Brett angry 🤭😂 #ChicagoFire #WeLoveBrettsey @karakillmer
05/26 21:42
There's a partner for everyone. Except when it comes to dolls. It was impossible to find dolls holding hands, so to get the look we wanted, Desi Wolff our #ChicagoFire set decorator purchased 2 separate antique dolls and had new hands sculpted to be holding!👫 #OneChicago
05/26 21:41
He gave Boden his hat... I'm. Not. Okay. #ChicagoFire #OneChicago
05/26 21:41
Sydney gone? CHECK. Greg gone? CHECK. Matt's head injury sorted? CHECK. Seems to me we've cleared the roadblocks and now, it's all up to Casey and Brett to figure things out... #Brettsey #ChicagoFire
05/19 23:21
"Matt Casey, don't argue with me!" YOU TELL HIM!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #Brettsey #ChicagoFire #OneChicago
05/19 23:21
We’ve missed these Stellaride moments so much. 🥺 #ChicagoFire
05/19 23:02
Sylvie really chose this doctors appointment over the ski trip yassss queen #WeLoveBrettsey #ChicagoFire
05/19 22:23
Kelly when he's around Stella #ChicagoFire
05/19 22:22
Looks like Cruz just had a great idea. 💡 #ChicagoFire
05/19 22:01
We’re going to get a Stellaride proposal and a Brettsey declaration of love next week on #ChicagoFire aren’t we? 🥺😍
05/19 21:41
Hate how once again Gabby is ruining things. #ChicagoFire
05/19 21:41
Let's talk about that "BUT....?" Violet throw in Sylvie's face while they were talking about Grainger being a great firefighter and a good man.. She was speechless for a second 🤭 #ChicagoFire #Brettsey
05/19 21:41
Sylvie and Joe’s friendship... I’ve missed this #ChicagoFire
05/19 21:40
Herrmann better get used to taking orders from Trudy. #ChicagoFire