Trends on Chicago P.D.

02/17 23:22
Kim and Adam had some REAL conversations this episode. I love this. I’m hoping this is last steps they need to finally finally finally get back together and STAY together. #ChicagoPD #Burzek
02/17 23:21
Voight's character growth is impeccable. Like he wasn't just beating up and killing folks the first few seasons #ChicagoPD
02/17 23:21
The sign behind Monahan in this scene was strategically placed, so that when he is shot the audience sees the smear of blood behind him. It shows how violent the shooting was, driven completely by Ruzek's emotion. #ChicagoPD #OneChicago
02/17 23:21
KIM'S SO WORRIED ABOUT ADAM 🥺💙 #Burzek #ChicagoPD #OneChicago
02/17 23:21
No distractions here...Actor Michael Drayer did not break character between takes and chose to stay inside of the Jeep for over 4 hours in the Chicago cold in order to maintain his connection with the character of Tommy! #ChicagoPD #OneChicago
02/10 23:22
Seen here: Latrell taking cocaine out of the gas tank of the car. This type of gas tank is large and heavy! It can fit 18 gallons of gasoline, which is about 5 kilos. That's a whole lot of dope! #ChicagoPD #OneChicago
02/10 23:22
i see a jay centric episode??? it's what i need🥺 #ChicagoPD
02/10 22:42
Jesse Lee Soffer explaining the opening scene of 8x04. That it. That's the tweet. #upstead #Chicagopd
02/03 23:22
“She was looking for me. She was calling my name.” Makayla has already been through so much, I’m going to lose it @marinasqu #ChicagoPD
02/03 23:22
Aww, I peeped that cute #Burzek moment when Ruzek gave Burgess his coat. #OneChicago #ChicagoPD 😍🥰
02/03 22:42
I just want them together like give it to me@#Burzek #ChicagoPD
01/27 23:41
Live footage of Jay watching Hailey walk away. #Upstead #ChicagoPD #OneChicago
01/27 22:42
11/19 00:00
Kevin basically told that fat greasy piglet, I’d black lives matter yo ass in so much litigation your grandkids would feel it!!! Yessssss!!! #ChicagoPD
11/19 00:00
Hell yeah Atwater tell that racist fool he is playing with the wrong brotha. Yesssss Atwater gave that fool a real grown man talk. They can't take my boo voice away. #ChicagoPD
11/19 00:00
We get #Upstead in January!!! I might have yelped #ChicagoPD
11/11 23:40
So break down Hank cant run his team like he use to, the team ain't really getting along ,and you have racist cops beating on another cop who is black and on top of that we have black cop turn on other black cop oh ok interesting #ChicagoPD #OneChicago
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