Trends on The Challenge

12/11 21:41
A lot of snakes around and I’m not talking about the animal #TheChallenge34
12/11 21:21
When the UK team gets a TEN MINUTE PENALTY & the US team is still nowhere in sight.... yikes... talk about over confident😳 #TheChallenge #TheChallenge34
12/11 21:21
All of us waiting for Team USA to get their penalty #TheChallenge34
12/04 21:40
They wouldn’t be ahead of you Dee if you and your boyfriend could do a damn math problem. #TheChallenge34 #TheChallenge ##TheChallengeMTV
11/21 02:41
Georgia at home watching Rogan fuck Dee over and Kayleigh cost Joss a chance at the money JUST like she said would happen #TheChallenge34 #TheChallengeMTV
11/20 22:01
How I feel about Kayleigh... Georgia u better than me boo! #TheChallenge34
11/20 22:01
Kayleigh talking her trash about Tori as if she has ANY ROOM TO TALK. Making it to the bell doesn’t mean sh*t. You’ve still contributed nothing to this game because you have zero physical contribution. Lol #TheChallenge34
11/20 21:41
“I believe in you” like less than a min ago he was trying to get CT to swim with her #TheChallenge34
11/06 22:44
The UK team looking all defeated watching Theo leave, like their not the ones who sent him into elimination for the umpteenth time. What a bed they made... #TheChallenge34
10/23 22:43
Idris in this towel 🥰🥰😜 #thechallenge34
10/17 01:40
I am SOOO freaking proud of Esther!! Even though she didn't pull off the win, she still proved what a good competitor she really is and showed she has a WHOLE lot of heart! ❤👏🏼 #TheChallenge34
10/10 00:00
DID BEAR JUST SAY CT DOESNT DESERVE TO BE ON THE CHALLENGE?! Mr had sex with a damn 15 year old but still gets paid 100k to come on #TheChallenge34 because why? You’re an outrageous stereotype of a British guy & sleep around? Get this man out of my face I swear to Goddddddd.
09/25 21:42
Wes at home watching a swimming challenge. #TheChallenge34
09/04 22:43
08/28 21:01
08/28 21:01
08/28 21:01
06/26 13:00
05/22 22:20
Ninja didn’t win 🤷🏽‍♀️ #TheChallenge