Trends on The Challenge

07/15 23:41
Who the fuck in the back.....told Johnny the code #TheChallenge35
07/15 23:01
@johnnybananas Congrats 2 my fave @johnnybananas!! Was rooting 4 u every season & this season nothing has changed only u finally broke the curse!! So happy 4 your 7th win! Well deserved!! 👏👏 That elimination challenge w Rogan was more stressful than u doing math equation...😁 #TheChallenge35
07/15 21:22
Newly unearthed footage of my elimination with @Rogan_OConnor 🤡🔔🤡 #thechallenge35
07/15 21:02
Everybody hating on Melissa can stfu, I want y’all to do what she did in those last whatever hours 3 months pregnant and not quit. #TheChallenge35
07/15 20:41
All of the finalists on #TheChallenge35 are walking through this snow on skis like...
07/09 03:40
Jenny running through Dee in a Hall Brawl #TheChallenge35
07/01 21:02
not the whole tribunal agreeing with kaycee .... i’m taking names #thechallenge35
07/01 21:01
The one season when you needed the (unnecessary) purges. Where are they now?? Why are we giving everyone a chance at a red skull?? @ChallengeMTV @BunimMurray #TheChallenge35
07/01 20:21
Why is everyone so mad at Kaycee!? I loved bayleigh all season but like come on she’s crying over the red skull opportunity not being handed to her! Where was this fight earlier in the season!? #TheChallenge35
06/24 20:41
How did Team 1 win, I truly feel like they edited this wrong on purpose to create drama #TheChallenge35
06/10 23:20
Mattie the one chance to get that roach out and make this a lit episode 😤 #TheChallenge35
06/09 03:21
@ChallengeMTV Cut all ties with racist Johnny bannnas and then we will know your the real deal. #mtv #thechallenge35
06/09 02:21
Jordan and Tori was the reason Turbo was put off the show last season. So them leaving back to to back this season was great. Turbo, this was for you 😂#TheChallenge35 #TheChallengeTotalMadness #TheChallenge
04/09 01:01
#TheChallenge35 #TheChallenge Jenn: Greetings Earthlings. Everybody:
04/01 22:21
I can’t blame nany....asaf is fine af #TheChallenge #TheChallenge35
12/19 02:41
Thre fact that Cara actually thinks people want her crusty man #TheChallenge34 #thechallengereunion
12/19 02:41
Literally why does Paulie keep trying to come for Josh for being “emotional”? Like the game is over? Can someone please tell that little man that he lost already? #thechallenge34 #thechallenge
12/18 23:20
Johnny pulling out the receipts on Ninja #TheChallenge34
12/18 22:40
....and *looks around* b/c some of #TheChallenge34 reunion tea has been disproven so far. Soooo... I’m hoping the rumor about Turbo being banned is also just that - a rumor. Carry on.
12/18 22:21
Laurel should’ve won that elimination against Ninja. Or THEY (production) should’ve made them DO IT AGAIN. Don’t. Debate. Me. On. This. #TheChallenge34