Trends on The Challenge

01/27 23:21
Wait a minute. So Teresa told Jay to let the dust settle and keep his mouth shut. Then she proceeds to do just the opposite. #TheChallenge #thechallenge36
01/20 22:01
The idea that Cory and Ashley thinks you can play this game without lying or getting lied to is bonkers. Guys... it’s season 36. #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
01/20 22:01
01/20 20:41
Sucks to see Lio "quit". If you've watched him as a wrestler, you know he's a dynamic and talented man with loads of charisma. However, the Challenge is a different environment, and for his mental health, it's not the best place. Good on him. #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
01/14 01:00
Maybe I’m just confused but I don’t really get the hype with Tori. She’s never won a challenge season. She’s not a challenge champ. I feel like Ashley could could beat her in mostly anything...? #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
01/13 20:40
NATALIE IS LEAVING ALREADY??? #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
01/07 01:20
Nelson every single challenge season "I've learned a lesson.. can't play these games w emotions" then continues to play w his emotions #TheChallenge36 #thechallenge
12/24 00:00
Of course Wes went from trying to convince them to make him the janitor to the CEO #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
12/23 21:01
Everybody is playing with their emotions instead of thinking about the bag💰 #TheChallenge34
12/16 22:01
Why isn’t Fessy or Wes like yeah put me in coach. Go in against Joseph?! #TheChallenge36 #thechallenge
12/09 20:42
That shoe attack was for Da’Vonne 🤩 #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
07/29 21:20
The way swaggy defended his wife was kinda sexy #TheChallenge35
07/29 20:41
Nany "Melissa's baby might be mine". #TheChallenge35
07/29 20:40
Why is Zach on the reunion? #TheChallenge #TheChallenge35
07/29 20:40
Not Jenna agreeing to Zach’s Childish Ass Behavior He pulled on Her🙄 #TheChallenge35
07/22 23:20
Why doesn’t TJ host the reunion? He knows them and all the tea. I feel like the host of these things is always so random #thechallenge35
07/22 21:00
Bayleigh going off on Kaycee will always be funny to me. She deserved #TheChallenge35
07/22 20:21
Worst final ever, Jenny won that million fair and square Johnny don’t deserve shit #TheChallenge35
07/16 03:20
So apparently they edited down the final and there was even more checkpoints?? We need a two part final we don’t need a two part reunion! I need to speak to a challenge producer because this is unacceptable!! #TheChallenge35 #TheChallenge
07/16 03:20
I know it’s not a popular opinion... but I NEVER get tired of seeing Bananas win. Any time he goes home early the show gets stagnant. #TheChallenge35