Trends on The Challenge

03/04 01:01
@MrCissic @MTVsChallenges Devin is smarter than Josh, more useful and has beaten 2 champs (regardless of the TYPE of elimination). Josh simply relies on his connections with the Big Brother alliance. Devin > Josh ALL DAY!! #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge @ChallengeMTV
03/04 01:01
MTV needs to give Kam and Leroy a wedding special! #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
03/04 01:01
I used to dislike Devin...but honestly no one has made me laugh more than him this season. @MTVDevinWalker @ChallengeMTV #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
03/03 23:02
Josh got screwed over but it’s funny how karma works. He got Lolo removed and got tossed into elimination for it and Kaycee got injured. #TheChallenge #Thechallenge36
03/03 22:01
Lolo! Stop being so dramatic and win a challenge. You and Nam are the strongest team physically. Get it done #TheChallenge36 #TheChallengeDoubleAgents #TheChallenge
03/03 20:41
how is anyone confused that darrell is voting w the big brother alliance when darrell’s partner is ~literally~ from big brother lmao #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
02/25 01:21
Lolo quitting The Challenge. And all I can say is #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
02/17 22:22
Security breach?!! Someone coming back 👀👀 or somebody leaving 🤔🤔 or they switching up the elimination #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
02/17 22:22
Gabby let Devin get to her Dumb move #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
02/17 22:22
😂😂😂😂😂 Amber M talked a big game this whole season and 😂😂😂 ahhhhhhhh omg 🤣🤣🤣 GIRL. GIRL. #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
02/17 20:43
Ooooooh CT barking at Fessy! Let’s who the bitch ass is for real. #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
02/10 22:21
How is Kaycee gonna say she turned on Bayleigh because Bay talked about her in the tribunal but that happened AFTER Kaycee turned on Bay in the house meeting? Make it make sense #TheChallenge35
02/10 22:21
Let me get this straight. It’s ok for Kam to rally the house to vote in people she doesn’t like, but when Theresa does it and wants to take out a strong girl, she’s the worst and people get mad at her? Gotcha. That totally makes sense... #thechallenge #doubleagents
02/10 21:21
Why nany still trying to continue 10 year old drama 😭 #thechallenge #TheChallenge36
02/10 21:02
The Gold Skull concept continues to be the best thing they’ve done with the show! No sliding by! And Trivia next week so that means a lot of TJ cackling. 😂 #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
02/03 22:41
Amber M: I know Kyle is a lying, two-faced sack of shit Also Amber M: I just really feel like I can trust Kyle rn #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
01/28 01:20
Under a minute?! Damn Leroy #TheChallenge36 #thechallenge
01/27 23:21
Wait a minute. So Teresa told Jay to let the dust settle and keep his mouth shut. Then she proceeds to do just the opposite. #TheChallenge #thechallenge36
01/20 22:01
The idea that Cory and Ashley thinks you can play this game without lying or getting lied to is bonkers. Guys... it’s season 36. #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
01/20 22:01