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02/27 19:22
Goodnight @OnAirRomeo, @JayMacRadio and @MostRequestLive! Can you guys play #Star by @loonatheworld for this hour's #MostRequestedLive for all the orbits listening? #LOONA #LOONAxMRL #LOONA_STAR
02/20 19:42
01/23 21:22
Heey peeps over @radiodisney ! I'd like to request you guys play #STAR by @loonatheworld it's something that I believe your listeners and myself would love to hear!! Thanks :D #LOONARADIOSTAR
01/23 20:22
@tkradio hiiii I love your shows as well as @elvisduran @FM97. I’ve asked in the past before if there was a possibility to request a song but I’m not sure if this is the way to do it. But if possible I would love to hear #Star by @loonatheworld pleaseee
01/23 20:02
hey @LeslieOnAir ~ Would you kindly play #STAR by @loonatheworld on @Y100Michiana_ if you can? Thank youuuuuuuuu again in advance :D Happy thanksgiving! #LOONARADIOSTAR
12/14 08:03
12/14 08:03
12/14 08:03
#STAR⭐️ KING KHAN is here ⭐️ What an inspirational STAR he is !The one Bollywood star with huge south connect! @iamharishkalyan @elann_t @Screensceneoffl @sidd_rao @nixyyyyyy @Ezhil_DOP @editor_prasanna @Meevinn @sujith_karan @kunaldaswani @venkystudios @onlynikil @CtcMediaboy
12/14 08:03
#STAR 3rd look ft. KING KHAN is here. @iamharishkalyan @elann_t @Screensceneoffl @sidd_rao @nixyyyyyy @Ezhil_DOP @editor_prasanna @CtcMediaboy
12/13 08:02
#STAR on #Superstar Birthday🌟 This cant get more special❤️ Happy to have collaborated with the Hit Combo of #PyarPremaKadhal 😍 Excellent recreation of the iconic character🔥 #HappyBirthdayRajinikanth sir❤️ @iamharishkalyan @elann_t @thisisysr
12/13 08:01
2nd look poster of #Star @iamharishkalyan plays an eccentric fan of tamil films? @elann_t @thisisysr @Screensceneoffl @sidd_rao @nixyyyyyy @Ezhil_DOP @editor_prasanna @Meevinn @sujith_karan @kunaldaswani @venkystudios @onlynikil @CtcMediaboy @devarajulu29
12/13 08:01
Here's the 2nd look of our #STAR Inspired from Ulaganayagan's iconic SIGAPPU ROJAAKKAL @iamharishkalyan @elann_t @thisisysr @Screensceneoffl @sidd_rao @nixyyyyyy @Ezhil_DOP @editor_prasanna @Meevinn @sujith_karan @kunaldaswani @venkystudios @onlynikil @CtcMediaboy @devarajulu29
12/13 02:02
12/13 02:01
#Star second look will be releasing today @ 6 PM ! Keep guessing the next Superstar ?? @iamharishkalyan @elann_t @thisisysr @Screensceneoffl @devarajulu29 @sidd_rao @nixyyyyyy @onlynikil @CtcMediaboy
12/12 02:41
#PyaarPremaKaadhal Hit trio @iamharishkalyan, @thisisysr & @elann_t back with new film titled #STAR ⭐️. Nice first look posters replicating #Thalapathy @rajinikanth. 👍
12/12 02:41
Presenting the first look of @screensceneoffl’s next production #STAR 🔥🔥🔥 Starring @iamharishkalyan #SPICinemas #SPIUpdates #HBDHarishKalyan
11/28 19:42
@MostRequestLive @OnAirRomeo Hello @MostRequestLive @OnAirRomeo!! We're requesting '#Star' by @loonatheworld 🌟🥺
11/24 23:02
Star 2nd Concept Photo - "Olivia Hye" ⠀ LOOПΔ "Star" Music Video 2020.11.18 pm12 (KST) Release ⠀ #이달의소녀 #LOONA #OliviaHye #Midnight #Star
11/21 19:43
@Z100NewYork @TheEricaAmerica Hello !! '#Star' by @loonatheworld 🌟 is an amazing song and I think you will love it too 💗
11/19 15:22
Hi @MixYoungstown I would like to listen to #Star by @loonatheworld! Thank you!