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05/19 12:44
@KillingEve @BBCAMERICA @AMC_TV @IamSandraOh @damonUK give us the bloopers
03/16 12:05
the FINAL season of #KillingEve??
07/28 17:46
07/28 17:46
#IG | New post Sandra Oh on instagram ❝Congratulations my lovely Ladies Jodie Comer & Fiona Shaw & @killingeve for 8 Emmy Nominations! Woot woot!❞
07/28 17:46
As a response to the dumpster fire that is 2020, the Emmys NEED to award Sandra Oh. Like sure, she totally deserves it for @KillingEve, but also like WE, the people, need to see this win. We NEED it!
07/28 17:26
Well, well, well.. I believe we were all due for some good news and 🗣 BITCHHHH!!!!!!! When have your faves ever?!! Congrats to the extraordinarily talented cast and crew of #KillingEve 😭😭😭 and congrats to us!!!
07/28 16:47
@TelevisionAcad @TheMorningShow @TheCrownNetflix @KillingEve @netflix @IamSandraOh @Zendaya @euphoriaHBO YES QUEEN COLMAN
07/28 13:27
The #Emmys2020 nominees for Lead Actress In A Drama Series are: · Jennifer Aniston → @TheMorningShow · Olivia Colman → @TheCrownNetflix · Jodie Comer → @KillingEve · Laura Linney → #Ozark - @Netflix · @IamSandraOh → @KillingEve · @Zendaya → @EuphoriaHBO #Emmys #EmmyNoms
07/28 13:07
@TelevisionAcad @BetterCallSaul @TheCrownNetflix @HandmaidsOnHulu @KillingEve @themandalorian @netflix @Stranger_Things @HBO Stranger Things over Pose, Euphoria, Mr. Robot and the series finale of How To Get Away With Murder????? W A C K.
07/20 16:42
@villanevefight @KillingEve Eve had no arc in S3 and Sandra Oh deserved so much better
07/20 16:42
@KillingEve @IamSandraOh @BBCAMERICA @AMC_TV double her screen time and raise her salary and i tell you if i was expecting or not, she deserves the fucking world HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA OH
07/20 11:21
cool of @killingeve to do a temporary birthday story for Sandra but a full post for Jodie
07/08 11:43
Lately I have been spending time on twitter. I mostly read #politics #data #math #lgbtq #killingeve #DisabilityRights #STEM #physics #ClimateCrisis #makers Thank you all for helping me stay sane and updated on #COVID19. On my walk this evening thought of you all.
06/25 08:42
06/23 12:23
@KillingEve happy pride to my villaneve
06/11 12:24
06/07 17:20
Me watching the final episode of #killingeve, loving the little dance and end scene on the bridge and realising il probably have another year to wait before the next series...
06/07 17:20
Anyone else remember when PWB said during the BAFTA Guru Q&A for the 1st season that the first time Eve and Villanelle meet was the moment they fell in love? Yeah. I think about that all the time. #Villaneve #KillingEve
06/01 00:20
#KillingEve finale = me putting my phone screenside down now @KillingEve @IamSandraOh