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05/04 17:44
Can I just say I am 100% behind a Cas/Jack spin off where father and son just go round making the world a better place and generally being super happy (occasionally visited by Jacks other dad of course) #Supernatural
03/07 17:23
🎉👻 #Supernatural 15👻🎉 🎈🍰Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles!🍰🎈 Let's all celebrate with beer and pie!🍺🍰🍻 @67impalababy @KatRodop @Beechaser1 @life42003 @EvansSPNCrazed @Angel311113 @Birgit49822578 @amyp_86 @JensenAckles
03/01 15:24
Happy birthday Jensen! @jensenackles 💕 #Supernatural #SPNFamily
01/21 16:20
01/02 21:01
"DEAN!......GET YOUR BROTHER OUT OF HERE!....HURRY!!!" * The heat of the fire was unbearable as John Winchester looked on helplessly as his wife Mary Winchester burned to death in front of his very eyes. #Supernatural #writerslift #WritingCommunity #SupernaturalFamily
12/31 11:40
12/31 11:40
@honeyackles Dean Winchester is forever that innocent child & fierce warrior. No one but Jensen could show such extremes within a character & they all perfectly fit. So often he doesn't even need words to convey his mood, attitude & intent. Masterful. Delightfully intriguing. #Supernatural
12/31 11:40
Let's finish 2020 with the epic brotherly love story of Sam & Dean Winchester #Supernatural #SamWinchester #DeanWinchester #Thread #CaNoN
12/10 22:00
well that’s quite an update from Sams tree in a very supernatural Christmas #Supernatural
11/23 20:45
Several days later, and I’m still so sad about Eileen. Even if TPTB didn’t want Sam & Eileen to end up together, they could have acknowledged her- even just her name being mentioned, her voice, a text, a picture, anything. Her identity was lost. #Supernatural
11/22 18:23
You deserve the world and so much more, I’m sorry. #Supernatural
11/22 15:44
11/21 21:42
Well, that's the last time I stick with a show for as long as I have for #Supernatural . That was not the ending fans deserved (no spoilers). I need time to process how I feel about that ending. But it did make me cry. Like ugly cry - a lot.
11/21 16:41
@cw_spn The fact that the car went to Heaven, but the angel didn’t bothers me. #supernatural
11/21 14:41
I went to bed mad. I woke up mad. I'm still mad. Jared, Jensen, and Misha deserved better, my men were done so fuckin dirty. What the fuck was THAT???? #Supernatural #CastielForever #destiel #WinchestersForever #SPNFamilyForever #SPN
11/21 03:41
I haven’t seen it yet, working my way up to the #Supernatural finale, but seriously how are they gonna let *spoiler* go out like freakin Wash? Not cool guys.
11/21 03:21
The end of supernatural is an end of an era, I actually ugly cried at that ending. It was done wonderfully and I’m so happy I got to have the supernatural experience. Made such a huge impact on my life 💕#Supernatural @cw_spn @jarpad @JensenAckles @mishacollins
11/20 17:21
I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. I’m proud of the boys. They knocked it out of the park. Thank you for 15 years ❤️ #supernatural @JensenAckles @jarpad
11/20 01:01
Dean and Castiel definitely spent the rest of eternity in heaven together, the writers just didn’t want to be responsible for breaking the internet so they didn’t show it #supernatural
11/19 21:20
and excuse me what was that in the trunk?? it looked like a trench coat... or not #Supernatural #CarryOn