Trends on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

08/19 21:45
The early years of #RHOBH showed us some of the glitz and glamor that goes along with the Beverly Hills lifestyle. And now next week we get to watch a baby shower at Buca di Beppo?!?!
08/19 21:25
@BrightlyAgain Rinna must be so proud of her minion. Amelia wouldn’t have been doing this when she was heavier would she? As deluded as her mother. Amelia is her mother’s Troll In Training #motheroftheyear #RHOBH #RHOBHMeanGirls
07/29 21:44
“We’re in Rome, bitches” @GarcelleB #RHOBH 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
07/23 02:03
Wait a minute if they were friends why would Kim not be sure about inviting her in the house? #RHOBH
07/22 21:04
I hope we see more Camille tonight! She is more entertaining than all the mean girls combined. cc: @andy @BravoTV #RHOBH
07/15 22:45
Aaron politely walks in and takes a position towards the back while sipping a beverage while PK keeps trying to coax him into the drama. Exactly WHO inserts himself in drama??!! #RHOBH
07/15 22:27
Are people actually going to bid on a Kyler Jenner makeup basket? I’ve got a 30% off coupon if anybody wants it😅 #rhobh
07/15 22:26
BIIIIITTTTCCCCHHHHH the way Kris just casually raise her hand for that 25k donation..... YEEEESSSSS #RHOBH
07/15 22:07
Kris Jenner just casually raises her paddle for the $25,000 donation👀 #RHOBH
07/15 21:46
Tag somebody in the replies that you think is an asshole on Twitter! #RHOBH
07/15 21:46
Eileen the Queen of beating a dead 🐎 #RHOBH
06/24 22:24
Bruh!!! The way Sonja says Dorit #RHOBH
06/03 21:42
It's so refreshing to see that Denise is in jeans and a tee 👕. Channel is not meant for a bbq #RHOBH
05/27 23:42
Whose parents would just talk openly about threesome next to their kids and friends? #RHOBH
04/15 21:12
Serious question: for everyone who decided to boycott #RHOBH after last season- what are you watching tonight?? I need recommendations!! And how many vowed to boycott, but are just gonna blame COVID for making you watch the premiere, cause you’ve already seen EVERYTHING else??🥴
07/31 02:23
Kyle: LVP is a calculated, sociopathic liar also Kyle: I am so sad LVP and I are no longer friends #rhobh #RHOBHREUNION
07/23 23:27
@mamecastle @Andy @KyleRichards @poppymontgomery @TheRealCamilleG @BravoWWHL Sadly, they wont mention any of it #RHOBH #WWHL
07/23 21:26
If they refuse to talk about lawsuits and plastic surgery I guess they have nothing else to talk about but Lisa #RHOBH
06/18 22:24
Dr. Rinna is in session tonight. She should’ve started charging these drunk women #RHOBH
06/11 21:24
Unless the Chateau is Chateau Sheree, I’m not interested #RHOBH