Trends on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

12/19 01:03
Erika is not that dumb to release a bitch’s name with that accusation without concrete proof. #RHOBH I’m guessing Tom was using a “burner” phone, etc.’s a (true) strategic move.
09/23 22:25
When #andycohen wraps the reunion with “thank you Kyle!” 😳 #RHOBH #RHOBHMeanGirls
09/23 22:24
I’d like to think that if a housewife yells “bravo, bravo, bravo” Andy Cohen shows up like Beetlejuice and won’t stop annoying them till they just keep filming anyway. #RHOBH
09/23 22:24
Good lord Denise Richards is a liar. And not a good one. #RHOBH
09/23 22:24
I'm disappointed in myself for not liking Sutton at the beginning of the season. #RHOBH
09/22 21:40
@BravoTV @erikajayne come wish your girl the best, I mean must be a relief it wasn’t you.. #RHOBH bye Teddi... 🤷🏻‍♀️
09/17 23:04
Lisa Rinna is trash trash trash and the kinda Low down dirty #RHOBH
09/17 03:43
Teddi keep coming for Garcelle. I will enjoy watching her rip you to pieces next season. #rhobh
09/16 23:25
Lisa Rinna: oWn It Also Rinna: #RHOBH
09/16 21:44
After this season whoever is friends with Lisa R they need to lose her number cause she is a backstabber. I wouldnt trust her for shit. #RHOBH #RHOBHREUNION
09/16 21:05
@TheRealCamilleG YASS!! And with the receipts!! They’ve got to get it out of their minds that just cuz some1 famous has a differing opinion it doesn’t mean they’re thirsty to be on their tanking show. Not all 💰 is good or HEALTHY 💰 & not every1 is a famewhore (cough...Brandi) #RHOBH
09/10 01:43
Dorit has really redeemed herself from the past three seasons and I can honestly say that I actually really like her now #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH
09/03 04:03
When Erika said MFer I’m out in the preview on the reunion it’s edited like she’s threatening to leave? BYE, take Rinna with you and let her know the gaslighting she’s accusing of happening is what she’s been doing for years, and take Teddi too please thanks Erika bye ❤️ #RHOBH
08/26 21:26
The morally corrupt, now geriatric, Faye Resnick just pops up everywhere, doesn’t she? The thirst. She should practice what she preaches. 👇 #RHOBH
08/19 21:45
The early years of #RHOBH showed us some of the glitz and glamor that goes along with the Beverly Hills lifestyle. And now next week we get to watch a baby shower at Buca di Beppo?!?!
08/19 21:25
@BrightlyAgain Rinna must be so proud of her minion. Amelia wouldn’t have been doing this when she was heavier would she? As deluded as her mother. Amelia is her mother’s Troll In Training #motheroftheyear #RHOBH #RHOBHMeanGirls
07/29 21:44
“We’re in Rome, bitches” @GarcelleB #RHOBH 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
07/23 02:03
Wait a minute if they were friends why would Kim not be sure about inviting her in the house? #RHOBH
07/22 21:04
I hope we see more Camille tonight! She is more entertaining than all the mean girls combined. cc: @andy @BravoTV #RHOBH
07/15 22:45
Aaron politely walks in and takes a position towards the back while sipping a beverage while PK keeps trying to coax him into the drama. Exactly WHO inserts himself in drama??!! #RHOBH