Trends on Vanderpump Rules

12/04 21:45
Good thing Jax and Brittany built those beer cheese and drink mixer empires to live off of. #PumpRules #JaxFuckedFaith
06/17 01:02
Brittany saying that Ariana is childish is hypocritical, laughable, & ridiculous! This is coming from the same person that wanted her husband to knock Sandoval the f**k out for no reason whatsoever! She is actually married to the biggest child of all!#PumpRules
06/17 00:43
Watching the third part of the #PumpRules reunion, and Lisa Vanderpump needs to go. This whole show needs to go. Just let it go, @BravoTV. Allocate those funds towards a new show. A better show. A show with Ariana.
06/11 00:42
Nikolai and Stassi mama pleading with Bravo to give that bitch her job back because they dont want the privileged selfish whiney monster that they created and her spineless, average, yes man Beau moving into their house 🤣😂😂 #pumprules #vanderpumprules #bravotv #StassiSchroeder
06/10 02:42
I wish they would quit showing Kristen rolling her eyes while we watch the growth that is James Kennedy! #PumpRules #pumprulesreunion
06/10 01:42
I've mentioned the non minority of #VanderpumpRules #PumpRules Ironic that Max Boyens is Black, but passing as white, was one of the people fired.
06/09 23:42
.@scheana you looked fine. Don't let hypocrite Lala put you down. She's insecure & miserable. She can talk about giving blowjobs to a married man and walk around practically naked & be mean just to fit in with the "Mean Girls" but she's a fraud #pumprulesreunion #PumpRules
06/09 22:03
Brett was such a shady friend to Scheana and I'm so glad she's calling him out on it. #pumprules #VanderpumpRules
06/09 22:02
Jack is so jealous of Tom & Tom #PumpRules #VanderpumpRules
06/09 22:02
So the #pumprulesreunion confirmed that Brett is just as much of a jerk as he was portrayed on the show. 👍 #VanderpumpRules #pumprules
06/09 21:43
But the difference is that we believe James is sober as to Lauren from Utah .. #PumpRules
06/09 21:43
Brittany take notes. Raquel holds her partner accountable for their actions👏🏾👏🏾 #PumpRules #pumprulesreunion
06/09 21:03
They need to cancel #PumpRules at this point because half the cast are either racist, homophobic or both
06/03 02:01
Yeah, I don’t like Kristen. Yes, they’ve been bullying her and it sucks, but lbr, she’s a shitty person. She’s good tv, but that’s specifically because she’s the worst. Her reaction to Charli tonight? Bullshit. Her reaction to BLM? Disgusting and privileged. #PumpRules
06/02 22:22
Sorry Kentucky muffin, but you grew up with this pastor. He’s a family friend. These opinions aren’t new. Girl, you saw all the tweets and comments on IG from fans but didn’t see the posts from a pastor you prob have on social media? #PumpRules
06/02 22:22
Go awf Sandoval #PumpRules
06/02 22:22
Please tell me Drive was on when Max hooked up with the fall...cuz they live in the same neighborhood. #pumprules
05/26 23:02
Just had a psychic reading gifted to me by a friend and unlike Dayna from #pumprules I embraced it with open arms cc: @scheana
05/19 21:23
Jax has a history of explosive rage yet gets a pass every single time! You can’t use Katie’s rage texting days against her because she’s actually grown from then. Can’t say the same about Jax #PumpRules #Vanderpumprules
04/22 02:02
#PumpRules Stassi-I’m your person aren’t I?? Aren’t I!??!! Beau-