Trends on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

05/13 21:07
Everyone: Kourt would you get back together with Scott? Literally everyone: Kourt??? Kourt: #KUWTK
05/13 20:27
You guys the Noris black book situation was a real head scratcher #KUWTK
05/06 21:07
it’s scary how much Khloé looks like Kris. #KUWTK
05/06 20:47
Guys. It’s a new day and a new Kourtney ✨ #KUWTK
05/06 20:47
Tune into a BRAND NEW Season 20 episode of #KUWTK with @KimKardashian & family, airing NOW on E! only!
04/22 20:56
That text to Kourtney was definitely out of line and completely unprofessional. I'd fire her in a second! And she absolutely is NOT your friend. A friend would never disrespect their friend like that. #KUWTK
04/22 20:56
I can’t deal with #KUWTK showing me Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian pretending to hunt aliens when Kim is about to divorce Kanye West (who is a crazy man up in a bunker in Wyoming running a presidential campaign). Show me the good stuff or don’t bother 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
04/22 20:55
So happy to see Shorty again!!! 🥰 #KUWTK
04/22 20:34
04/15 21:12
Kim yawning 20 seasons straight #KUWTK
04/15 21:11
04/15 21:11
04/08 21:28
04/08 21:28
its so clear how happy addison rae is when she is with kourtney, and kourtney with addison. i think their friendship is so beautiful and regardless of everything they support and help each other when they need it most. #KUWTK
04/08 21:09
@KimKardashian Bunker life #KUWTK
04/08 20:47
03/28 14:20
My reaction every time I see Tristan on #KUWTK
03/25 20:48
#KUWTK Khloe believes more in indoda than anything else hey.
03/25 20:48
Kendall will forever be my mood! #KUWTK
03/25 20:07
Kylie doesn’t have to pay for that guy’s surgery, but it’s ghetto for her not to since she makes $450,000 a day, and he turns her into an African American for probably $200 a picture...Bye Calabasas 👋🏽😂🍸 #KylieJenner #KUWTK