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05/11 22:21
So if 7x07 shows #WestAllen having a SURPRISE houseguest and it turns out that the houseguest is SpeedForce Nora then how is that a surprise since we saw, at the end of 7x06, Iris invite her to come stay at the loft w/them #TheFlash
05/11 22:21
@CW_TheFlash That ending shot just now of Iris was...AMAZING! Wow Candice looks so beautiful, per usual for her tho😌 don’t mind me imma just pretend I’m Barry Allen & stare at her for a minute 😂😂 #TheFlash
05/11 22:01
Its our time! S6 will truly be the "Iris Show" #TheFlash -Iris grieving Nora -Iris building Central City Citizen -Iris dealing with Barry's impending doom -Iris hiring staff -Iris investigating -Iris in Crisis interacting w the Loises -Iris being a hero in her own right
05/11 21:22
tonight’s episode of #TheFlash was clearly supposed to be the Season 6 finale. man was that a great episode. this really brought a smile upon my face. the way Ralph was handled was interesting and kinda funny as well. Learning about Wells was cool. all in all, 10/10 @CW_TheFlash
05/11 21:22
Yep. Something is 100% up with the Speed Force, or "Nora". That line from Cisco heavily hinted at it. #TheFlash
05/11 20:41
My girl went digging for dirt! Iris said, Look here, Joe, things ain't adding up about 'ol girl. Trust me. #DatFlash #TheFlash #IrisWestAllen
05/11 20:41
This scene with Deon is so intense! #TheFlash #TheFlashPodcast
05/05 00:20
Team Chesco just made me life, while Frost is ruining Caitlin’s 😂 #TheFlash
05/04 21:41
Patty being a murderer and Caitlin being a scientist makes them better written characters than Iris according to these self proclaimed non racist #theflash fans
05/04 21:21
@snydercut @hbomax Superman has always been my favorite DC character — but the father scene, Iris West Scene, and the Speed Force scene with Ezra Miller were just amazing! My most rewatched scenes are def #BarryAllen and #TheFlash #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague
05/04 21:01
kramer is so sexc #theflash
05/04 20:20
Wow, the meta cure actually came back this season! I bet it’ll be quickly forgotten again after this episode though. #theflash #TheFlashSeason7
04/21 17:24
Thanks to @TheWrap we now have confirmation that @MichaelKeaton IS officially returning as #Batman in #TheFlash. I can sleep soundly tonight.-Justin
04/20 11:41
happy 31st birthday #grantgustin 💖 we miss you 🥺 #TheFlash #barryallen
04/19 14:04
@getFANDOM I still remember how cool it was for #TheFlash to meet #TheFlash #BarryAllen #EzraMiller #GrantGustin Let’s go #TheFlash Movie! ⚡️❤️⚡️❤️⚡️❤️⚡️❤️⚡️
04/19 14:04
I want a constructive conversation about this as I've seen many call #TheFlashMovie's new logo a "downgrade." 1st #TheFlash logo debuted in 2016, over 5 year ago. I doubt it was the final design, so it feels natural for a new one now that it's happening, IMHO. What do u think?
04/13 20:41
Killer Frost need to go to jail. She definitely deserves to be in iron heights. They didn’t even add the meta trafficking charges huh #theflash
04/06 22:01
Not me losing it over Chester’s reunion with his father #TheFlash 😭😭😭😭😭😭
04/06 20:21
@LynneVamp @MckeeveMichelle @TrueRoyalDM4 @amberryyc @MorienSt @TigerKNC @Ravenclaw1991 @DemonSlayer84 @gokugirl @dfs1978 @dantivirus @TheOtherBigO @LanaSolange @sleepingkoala45 @TheAimercat @NYFreshMid Blockbuster screams 90s #TheFlash
03/30 21:24