Trends on Shark Tank

02/12 20:46
.@tide hates this man!! Sheets can go a year without being washed? Now I’ve seen everything! #sharktank
02/12 20:46
The pizza cupcake 😍 yasssss #SharkTank
02/12 20:26
Me to those Pizza Cupcakes 😂 #SharkTank #AlwaysFeedTheSharks
01/08 21:06
I think Michael got some of “her” bar... a little estrogen?? #SharkTank
01/08 20:46
11/20 20:45
Alright dog owners - would you throw down your hard earned cash on an air quality mask for Toto?? #sharktank
11/13 21:26
This honey wine is brewing whispers in the tank… 4 Sharks for 40%?! Find out how this deal goes down, tomorrow at 8|7c. #SharkTank
11/13 21:05
Here I am walking into the @ABCSharkTank - Got my hat, got my parrot, got my mask...Who’s ready for an ALL NEW #SharkTank TONIGHT at 8/7c on ABC!! Then join me right after for Bed Talks w/ Lori IG LIVE with @DrOz & learn how you can sleep better! SHARE if you’re excited!! 🙌🏼
04/10 20:47
Just a friendly reminder that Just The Cheese is going on Shark Tank THIS FRIDAY 4/10 at 7pm CST on ABC! (And yes, that is what I wear to work every day) #SharkTank @mcuban @DanielLubetzky @kevinolearytv @LoriGreiner @robertherjavec
12/01 21:24
11/10 22:25
.@kevinolearytv takes his peanut butter very seriously 😂 #SharkTank
10/20 21:46
Congrats @LoriGreiner and @RohanAOza on the Knife Aid deal in #SharkTank. My family will try the service :-)
10/06 22:30
I can’t deny - this @AtlasMonroe vegan chicken was good! Plant based is the future of food investing for sure. #sharktank
10/06 21:49
09/29 22:10
Watching Cassidy was like observing Mozart playing piano as an 8 year old and knowing you were standing before greatness. This girl is AMAZING. #SharkTank
09/29 21:49
09/29 21:29
05/06 00:20
“Practice safe sauce.” It’s all about the slogan and boy, does Saucemoto have a catchy one. #SharkTank
05/05 22:40
This is a case where you're not so much investing in the product, because anyone can try to sell cookie dough. But you're investing in the person and the the way she's selling it. #SharkTank
04/29 00:20
Have you heard the news?! Fat Shack is appearing on SHARK TANK! Tune in to the Season 10 Finale on ABC, Sunday May 12th to find out if Fat Shack founders Tom & Kevin sink or swim! #fatshack #sharktank #ABC #latenightdoneright